Change within organisations are often top-down. iTapCount works bottom-up. Employees measure activities themselves. Staff and management can use the information real time to realise actions or solutions. This will improve performance and efficiency.

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Employees have ideas, see activities happen, optimizations and problems that arise to achieve a goal. They want to understand how their ideas or problems are actually achievable or solvable. With iTapCount you are able to measure activities or events yourself. How common is it? When does it appear? Does it work? Is it really a problem? iTapCount is real time. Data can be analysed instantly.


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Within an hour you are measuring. Because your own iTapCount cloud application is available everywhere without installation or equipment You can get started right away. By the simple design of the menu you can create events and assign it to an IPad or smartphone. The system does the rest. Analyses are real time and directly accessible

With the extensive export possibilities the results can be exported to specialised statistical software like Minitab. Here you can calculatie the variance etc..
In iTapCount there is also a cross table with all the measurements. It is possible to analyse the figures and see a pattern in the root causes. 


Top-down measuring will give resistance. Questions like what is he controlling and will I keep my job arrise. Measure bottom up to involve employees in optimizing your organization. After measuring the process or activity, the employee is involved in the change process. By looking at the measurement results he/she is able to see the causes.

There may be waste or a need for additional training or extra capacity is required. It is also possible that you have the wrong expertise at the wrong time.

If needed we can deliver experts. Together with a Lean Black Belt your employees are optimising the process.


Many measurement systems are not real time. Before you have results most of the time is lost in making Excel sheets etc.. With iTapCount the results are real time. Everything can be monitored in a dashboard real time.

Change your tires within 2.4 seconds? With iTapCount you can measure the pitstop in your organization. You can instantly turn events on and off to change processes. By measuring it yourself your employees will be motivated and involved in the improvement process.

After the activity has been improved, continue measuring. Did the improvement improve the process, and people. Perhaps it can still be better? 2.3 or 2.2 seconds!

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