iTapCount is for and by employees. With this ' tool' employees will measure activities themselves. A lot of projects will not succeed because measuring activities are top-down. Resistance will occur and the measurements are not reliable. Some employees will boycott the change. The work council will ask you 'what are you doing?'

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Employees do need training. By measuring certain activities it can be demonstrated that knowledge is missing. Employees are often not satisfied by the content of the training. Now the training can be focused on facts of the measurement in iTapCount. No unnecessary training but effective training. After this training the result of the training can easily be evaluated with iTapCount. You can measure whether the training has the desired result.


Stress arises when it is too late. Employees can now measure in time when high work pressure occurs. There can also be stressful situations Give it a place by measuring them. When and how many telephone calls are coming in? What are the most frequent questions asked? How many questions can not be answered directly? How many aggressive customers are entering the organisation? Are there emotional situations that affect the state of mind? What is the support pressure?


Employees experience working pressure. They can measure this themselves. How many activities are carried out in certain period and what are they about. And how does this have impact on the quality delivered. An employee can also see new activities or services arise in your organization. By measuring this, he/she can show the management what the facts are. Substantiated advice can be given.

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