Employees measure there activities themselves.

Employees see changes, optimisations and problems. They are close to the reality and see what can be optimized. With iTapCount you can involve employees into solving problems and optimize processes in your organization. With this system employees can measure themselves in stead of external consultants. Measure bottum-up in stead of top-down

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For example: 1. How many times a week and why a customer is not satisfied with a reparation or delivery? 2. At what time of the day the support desk has the most calls and what are they about? 3. What is the effect of sponsoring on your sales? All these questions are now easy to measure. With iTapCount you give them a tool with which they can get the facts. No empty words or arguments, but facts. 'The only thing that you know for sure, is that you're not sure'.

With these facts you can gather and analyze statistics with the tool Minitab. This for example to analyze the variance.


Why do certain activities occur. When do they occur. How long do they occur. Most organization do make conclusion without the facts. First measure and analyze. Then draw conclusions. When you make a change in your organization do you have enough support for this change? By measuring and finding the facts, the change is transparent and supported by facts. In some cases you would like to link activities to employees. Naming and shaming is forbidden but measurements and analyses about the facts will open eyes and people want to change themselves.


Top-down measuring will give resistance. Questions like what is he controlling and will I keep my job arrive. Measure bottom up to involve employees in optimizing your organization. After measuring the activity or problem, the employee hands over the results to the management or black belt. Now it is important to involve the employee in the change process. There may be a need for additional training or extra capacity is required. It is also possible that you have the wrong expertise at the wrong time of the week. Together with a Lean Black Belt your employees are optimizing the process and earn money for your organization.

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