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Every organisation wants to improve. Motivate people to improve. This will result in reduction of cost, more quality, better service and profit. But boven all it will give commitment for the improvement process.

Due to the implementation of Optimisation Boards in your organisation you will determine what kan be improved.

An improvement has causes. To filter the right causes you have to brainstorm what these are. You can do this together with the stakeholders with Brownpaper and Fishbone methods.

When the causes are identified you would like to measure the occurrence of a cause. By using iTabCount you can measure the causes within minutes. So after a brainstorm session start immediately measuring.
Now the activities to measure are known, you have to enter the causes in iTapCount. In your on-line portal you can enter the activities to measure on-line. You can set discrete activity parameters and continue activity parameters. If you like to measure employees, you can set this parameter. It is also possible to set sub-activities who are related to or dependent of an activity. After entering the activities you will link the activities to the devices. So you can measure different activities on different devices on different locations. Of course you can measure the same activities on different devices and locations. iTapCount does not need any installation on a server and is working on any device with internet connection. Involvement of your IT department is not necessary.