iTapCount wants to improve your processes constantly

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First you have to define what you would like to improve. This is the indicator Y. The causes of Y are a lot of activities or processes. Ask your employees that have to do with it every day what the causes are. We call this the indicator X. Now you can start with iTabCount to measure the importance of the causes.

The first time the consultants of iTapCount can support the definition fase. We will make a measurement plan for you. In this plan we will explain what the objective of the measurement is. How long the measurement should take place to have effect and what will be done with the results by the management.

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2. SETUP iTapCount

In your own iTabCount portal you can now define the activities you would like to measure. The next step is to link these activities to a user, iPad, Smartphone or location where you would like to measure. Now your are ready in a couple of minutes.

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Now the causes of your desired improvement are known and you have entered them in iTapCount, you can start measuring. Open iTapCount on an iPad or Smartphone and the X-en appear. By clicking on an activity the activity is registered. iTabCount is measuring a single time that an activity took place but also a time period.

Some activities do depend on other activities. It is possible to select sub-activities. For example you register that a train is late and then you register what type of train.

Besides sub-activities you are also able to register employees who are involved in the activity.

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iTapCount is real time. Pressing an activity on a smartphone or iPad gives a result instantly in your dashboard. No more waiting for measuring results. Follow your activities instantly.

ITapCount comes with an extensive set of analyses. If you are a Lean six Sigma expert you are able to export the results to Minitab and analyse the variance and draw statistical conclusions about the zero Hypotheses. If you need expertise on the significance of an activity for your improvement, our Lean six sigma blackbelts are able to support you.


iTapCount can be used everywhere. Simple login on your own portal and start measuring. No need for installing software, app's, certificates or firewalls. No pressure on your IT department. It works on any device.


Our black belts are able to support your improvement process. We are specialised in delivering improvement boards in your office. We can train managers in using improvement methods. We can make measurement plans. Our statistical experts are able to determine the significant causes of an improvement. At the end we support the control of an improvement.


To support you completely we are also able to deliver the devices and support. To use iTapCount you do not need a training. Its is simple and straight forward. For defining your improvements and related causes, we can support you. our black belts will support you at any time.

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iTapCount is an APP on an iPad or smartphone. You only need Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This device you can lay down on the location where the measurements should take place. After opening the App there are 6 large buttons that represent the activities that your want to measure. By swiping your finger on a button the date and time of the measurement is register. You can also measure time intervals. If needed you can enter a specific value of the activity like distance or temperature.